Toufique Ali

2nd AC/ Clapper Loader & Junior Operator  

I am a 2nd AC/ clapper loader and camera operating/ lighting camera assistant. 

I am experienced in narrative and television drama, short film, documentary, branded content films, music entertainment and music video content. 

I can camera operate and light for on location and in studio setups and operate with most broadcast and cinema line cameras (Arri, Sony, RED, Panasonic, Blackmagic, DJI). 

My passion is camera operating, lighting and cinematography. I really enjoy my work and love assisting on large scale productions and am capable of fully managing small scale shoots for the camera and lighting department. 

I have very strong skills in understanding the requirements for cameras, lenses, lighting, grip and monitoring. I also have  excellent understanding of filming and editorial workflow. 

I am licensed with my GVC certification for commercial drone work, under the UK CAA. I have two DJI drones including the DJI Mini 3 Pro with ND Filters. I also have a Sony FX30 and Portkeys monitor for B Cam content.

I recently went freelance from working as a camera assistant at S+O Media, a camera hire facility based in West London and I will continue to assist, light and camera operate on various content with the company going forward. 

My long term goals include continuing to learn more about cameras, lenses and focus pulling systems, with a direct long term goal to becoming a lighting DOP/ Camera operator within drama, short film and commercial.

I enhance my camera knowledge skills, cinematography and shooting style daily on a personal level and with every job I work on - learning from my peers and vice versa; and I welcome the opportunity to work on independent, commercial and freelance projects with great people. 

I'd be happy to assist or operate on one of your projects and if you feel like dropping me a line to discuss anything related, please use the form in the 'Contact' section. 



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